Effects of Glass Ceiling on Women Career Blooming in Sri Lankan Academic Sector

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T. A. H. Lakmali
R. M. D. A. K. Madawala
D. C. Wickrama Arachchi
R. S. Weerarathna


The term Glass Ceiling (GC) refers to an invisible barrier that hinders and blocks women from being promoted to higher managerial level positions. This study is wholly focused on the central problem of the effects of Glass Ceiling on Women Career Blooming. The research problem marked under the study is to find out the effects of Glass Ceiling on women Career Blooming, in the Sri Lankan academic sector. The structure of this study was entirely designed according to the conceptual framework, created using information from past literature. Level analysis is used to discover whether there is an effect of Family Factors, Organizational Factors, Individual Factors and Educational Factors on Women Career Blooming. The sample of the study consists of 214 women lecturers from two selected universities. Data were collected in the form of a structured questionnaire and six interviews were conducted. Regression and level analysis were used to analyze the gathered data. Research findings reveal that Glass Ceiling and Women Career Blooming have a negative relationship. Furthermore, the findings reveal that family and organizational factors have a significant effect on women Career Blooming and individual and educational factors have a moderate effect on women Career Blooming. By taking into consideration the research findings of the study, suggestions for future studies, limitations of the study and future recommendations have been made.

Glass ceiling, women career blooming, organizational factors, family factors, educational factors.

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Lakmali, T. A. H., Madawala, R. M. D. A. K., Arachchi, D. C. W., & Weerarathna, R. S. (2020). Effects of Glass Ceiling on Women Career Blooming in Sri Lankan Academic Sector. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 5(4), 1-12. https://doi.org/10.9734/sajsse/2019/v5i430152
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