How are Holiday Photography Startups “Disrupting” Indonesia Tourism Business?

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Marya Yenny
Kadek Wiweka
Suci Sandi Wachyuni
Putu Pramania Adnyana


The era of disruption has had an effect on changing the business model of the tourism industry based on startups. This business model has changed a variety of tourism businesses, ranging from online travel agents (OTA) to culinary. One of the startups that are currently developing among the millennial generation is holiday photography. This phenomenon encourages researchers to examine the opportunities and challenges of the development of tourism startups, especially in the company “FAT” (under the pseudonym). More specifically, this study identifies business models and their market characteristics. Besides, this study also analyzes the opportunities and challenges of the emergence of these startups. This study uses a qualitative approach with descriptive methods to describe the phenomenon of disruption, startups business models, and illustrate the opportunities and challenges that may be faced in the future by “FAT” company. The sampling technique used in the study is Quota Sampling by involving 31 consumers who have used “FAT” services. This number is used by considering the limited number of consumers who have ever used this startup service. The primary data in this study uses netnographic techniques by observing “FAT”'s website and social media, as well as conducting interviews with key informants from “FAT”. Besides, this study also distributed e-questionnaires via Instagram's direct messages. The analytical method used for this research is interactive analysis, which divided into three stages, including data reduction, drawing conclusions, and presenting data. This research found that the tourism industry in the era of disruption emphasized efficiency and effectiveness strategies. This strategy is entirely appropriate when looking at market segments, most of which are millennials or active users of gadgets and social media. While some alternative strategies that can be done by a “FAT” company include focusing on brands, marketing techniques, attractive and popular tourist sites, service innovation, and collaboration with trusted local photographer partners. Considering the area of holiday photography research is still limited, this research expected to be a reference for further research, especially related to tourism startups. Besides, practically, the results of this study can be useful for tourism stakeholders to find out the challenges of business in the era of distraction and strategies for developing a business model based on startups.

Disruption, tourism startups, holiday photography.

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Yenny, M., Wiweka, K., Wachyuni, S. S., & Adnyana, P. P. (2020). How are Holiday Photography Startups “Disrupting” Indonesia Tourism Business?. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 6(2), 62-77.
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