Land Conflicts and Land Tenure Effects on Agriculture Productivity in Chad

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Djimoudjiel Djekonbe
Tchoffo Tameko Gautier


The objective of this article is to measure the extent of land conflicts on agricultural productivity and yields in the most conflict-prone regions of Chad. We obtained the results that, the interaction of land conflicts in agricultural activity is a barrier to productivity and the improvement of agricultural yields. The effects of climate change on yields and productivity are dwindled by government reforms and subventions in the agriculture' sector. Hence, we recommend the government to promote customary land tenure to reduce conflict and in another hand to trace transhumance corridors to support the State's agricultural reform efforts.

Land conflicts, land tenure, agriculture productivity, climate change

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Djekonbe, D., & Gautier, T. T. (2020). Land Conflicts and Land Tenure Effects on Agriculture Productivity in Chad. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 6(3), 1-8.
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