Conceptualizing on Structure Functionalism and Its Applications on Patriotism Study during Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia

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Siti Norayu Mohd Basir
Mohd Zaini Abu Bakar
Fauziah Ismail
Junainor Hassan


This paper attempts toreconcilesymbiotic concepts including the theory of functionalism and patriotism among Malaysians during Covid-19 pandemic crisis. To this end, this paper focuses on the theory of functionalism and how the connection with the patriotism perspectives in dealing with non-traditional treat of the spreading of Covid-19 pandemic among Malaysian from top to bottom structure. As we know, our world isin a greater war involving non-traditional treat after the Covid-19 virus started in Wuhan, China. This battle impacted macro to micro structures of society and institutions including political, economy, stability, health, wealth and psychology. In other words, all citizens are involve in this war against the pandemic. Functionalist offer the idea about society is a complex system thatis interconnected and each hastheir own roles to make sure the stability andsolidarity can be achieve and retained. The spirit to fight this virus war together can be describe viapatriotic values.

Functionalism, patriotism, patriotic duty, non-traditional treat, pandemic

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Basir, S. N. M., Bakar, M. Z. A., Ismail, F., & Hassan, J. (2020). Conceptualizing on Structure Functionalism and Its Applications on Patriotism Study during Covid-19 Pandemic in Malaysia. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 6(4), 1-7.
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