Similarities and Differences in the Development of Human Resources for Managing Natural Resource and Marine Environments of Korea and Vietnam

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Duong Duy Dat


To effectively utilize Korea’s experience in developing human resources for managing natural and marine environmental resources, it is necessary to clearly identify the similarities and differences of the two countries (Korea and Vietnam) in the fields of human resource development, resources management and marine environment. In this work, similarities and differences in the development of human resources for managing marine environmental resources of the two countries were presented. Thorough research, which can be applied to the Korean experiences on the development of human resources, to manage marine environmental resources into specific conditions of Vietnam was carried out.

Similarities, differences, human resources, marine resources, environment, South Korea, Vietnam

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Dat, D. D. (2020). Similarities and Differences in the Development of Human Resources for Managing Natural Resource and Marine Environments of Korea and Vietnam. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 7(3), 19-25.
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