Assessment of the Functionality of Parent-Teacher Association in Public Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria

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Ige Akindele Matthew
Jegede Omobola


The study assessed the functionality of the Parent-Teacher Association in Public Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. A descriptive survey design was adopted. The 304 Public Secondary Schools in the state were the main population while 20 secondary schools, 220 government-employed and full-time teachers (males and females) were the targets. 4 questions were raised and 3 hypotheses formulated for the study. Samples were drawn using multi-stage, stratified, and simple-random sampling techniques. Data were collected using a 20-item questionnaire, validated and tested for reliability. Data were analyzed using tables, frequency count, and percentages while the hypotheses were tested using chi-square statistic (x2). It was found among others that there was no significant difference in the perception of principals and teachers, female and male teachers, female and male principals, on the functionality of the Parent-Teacher Association in the schools. It is recommended among others that the government should ensure that the Parent-Teacher Association is made functional and effective in all secondary schools, should be more involved in the administration and financing of schools while there should be an execution of standard projects related to an academic pursuit in schools.

Functionality, parents, teacher, association, parent-teacher association, secondary school, state.

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Matthew, I. A., & Omobola, J. (2020). Assessment of the Functionality of Parent-Teacher Association in Public Secondary Schools in Ondo State, Nigeria. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 8(2), 1-13.
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