The United States-China Trade War: Empirical Assessment

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Victor Adjarho Ovuakporaye


This paper aims to explore the US-China trade war by looking at various issues surrounding the US-China trade relation. The US-China trade war had been imminent since January 2018, meritoriously commenced on 6 July 2018, which is still ongoing. The US imposed sanctions on various Chinese goods, which was counter by the Chinese side also. Both side have felt the effect of the trade war though China felt the impact more than United States. Though, both nations have recently held positive trade talks which leads to the first phase of negotiation the trade war is still ongoing. If the partnership between the United states and China collapses, this will also end up harming the global economy severely since they are crucial cornerstones of the international economy.

United States, China, trade war, tariffs.

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Ovuakporaye, V. A. (2020). The United States-China Trade War: Empirical Assessment. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 8(3), 35-45.
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