Medium, Small and Medium Enterprises and Digital Platforms

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Ahmad Zafrullah Tayibnapis
Lucia Endang Wuryaningsih
Radita Gora


A new business platform is a must for companies that are disrupting new media technology, especially during the Covid 19 era. However, many incumbent companies are less able to keep up with changing business trends. Anticipate all changes in the competitive climate in the digital era in carrying out the company transformation program along with the implementation of good corporate governance values to avoid oral hazards and a greater risk of failure. The qualitative method used in this research is a case study approach. The analysis focuses on efforts to raise Medium, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) that contribute to improving the Indonesian economy. The findings show that credit, training, and mentoring programs have not been able to strengthen their position in small and medium enterprises but they are still working to increase the literacy index and financial inclusion to accelerate income distribution in Indonesia.

Digital platform, MSMEs, Covid-19 pandemic, government intervention.

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Tayibnapis, A. Z., Wuryaningsih, L. E., & Gora, R. (2021). Medium, Small and Medium Enterprises and Digital Platforms. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics, 10(2), 10-19.
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