Exploring the Dynamics of Housing Demand Preferences in Ilorin, Nigeria

Chukwudum Theophilus Muoneke *

University of Miami, Miami, United States.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


This study investigates housing demand preferences in Ilorin, one of Nigeria's rapidly growing metropolises. Ilorin presents a unique case for urban housing analysis, covering an area of approximately 100 km² and situated between the densely populated southwest and the sparsely populated middle belt. Using a mixed-method approach, data were collected through a survey of 494 individuals, document analysis, and field observations. Respondents were selected using a stratified random sampling technique, ensuring representation from Ilorin East, Ilorin South, and Ilorin West. The survey focused on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics, housing types, income levels, and ownership statuses. The findings reveal that most respondents live in family compounds (42.4%), followed by those in 3-bedroom flats (16.8%) and single-room accommodations (14.2%). Income distribution is varied, with 25.3% of respondents earning above N80,000 monthly. Most respondents (65.9%) are homeowners, while 33.9% are tenants. The socioeconomic analysis shows that respondents generally have a moderate educational background and have resided in Ilorin for an average of 5.36 years. The mean age, marital status, and employment status suggest middle ranges within their respective categories. The study highlights the significant impact of income levels, employment opportunities, and access to credit on housing preferences. Urbanization and poverty are identified as critical factors driving the demand for housing, as people migrate from rural areas to urban centers in search of better opportunities, leading to increased congestion and housing deficits in cities. Infrastructure development, such as transportation networks and public services, significantly influences housing choices, emphasizing the need for strategic urban planning. This research underscores the importance of                       government policies related to land tenure, housing finance, and urban planning in shaping housing demand.

Keywords: Housing access, affordable housing, homeownership, affordability

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Muoneke, Chukwudum Theophilus. 2024. “Exploring the Dynamics of Housing Demand Preferences in Ilorin, Nigeria”. South Asian Journal of Social Studies and Economics 21 (6):126-36. https://doi.org/10.9734/sajsse/2024/v21i6838.


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