The Impact of Social Values and Culture on Discrimination against Women

Orhan Göktepe *

Dr., Istanbul Yeni Yuzyil University, Turkey.

*Author to whom correspondence should be addressed.


Discrimination and violence against women have a universal character in all societies across the world. The reason why this cannot be prevented completely so far is the insistence on inaccurate policies against women. This study aims to reveal that violence against women stems from centuries-old patriarchal culture and to offer solutions for it. The study is based on the written sources of ancient civilizations throughout the historical process, statistical data of international non-governmental organizations and institutions, and the review of extensive literatures mentioned in the reference list on the subject. Patriarchal discrimination and violence against women are seen almost every society, albeit at different levels. A cultural domination that imposes women's submissive acceptance of men's absolute superiority has been continuing for centuries. Masculine resistance to accepting that women are individuals with equal rights stems from cultural values subsequently learned. These widespread social values are the main reason for discrimination and hostility towards women. Violation or rejection of the behavioral norms determined for women results in punishment and sanctions based on religion, morality, customs and traditions. It has shown that providing better education and job opportunities for women or enforcing more severe penal laws on crimes against women is not enough to achieve the desired results. For success, something different needs to be done. The existence of centuries-old patriarchal cultural values does not only stem from the men who are the perpetrators of violence and discrimination against women. Women who internalize this unfair behavior and accept it silently also have responsibilities in the continuation of these wrong values. Although it is too difficult to change centuries-old prejudices and cultural values against women, it is not impossible. Adopting the right cultural values in society is requiring persistent struggle that includes family, school, religious institutions and social media.

Keywords: Cultural values, gender discrimination, discrimination against women, violence against women

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