Prof. Gerald Aranoff

He is a Professor of Ariel University, Israel. He is also an editor of the South Asia Journal of Social Studies and Economics. He was born on 1st December, 1945 at Shenandoah, PA, USA. He completed BA degree in physics and Judaic studies from Yeshiva U, MBA in accounting and finance from Columbia U, and PhD in economics from CUNY 1991. His work experience includes: research analyst at Wall Street Brokerage firm, analyst at department store Company, auditor at accounting firm, review course American CPA exam, defense of Canadian cement companies charged before the US International Trade Commission, and selling Judaic.  His USA faculty positions include: Fordham U, Queens College, St. John’s U, and Lehman College. His Israel faculty positions include: Jerusalem College of Technology, College of Management, Bar-Ilan University, Tel Aviv University, and Ariel University.  He has memberships in American Economic Association, American Accounting Association, National Association of Accountants, and Institute of Certified Public Accountants in Israel. The National Association of Accountants, awarded  him  with a  medal  in  2003  for  his  article  on  nonprofit  accounting  in  their  Management  Accounting  Quarterly.    His contributions to economic theory include Aranoff's Output-Flexibility Indicator, an original numerical measure of flexibility of manufacturing plants. He has 160 scholarly articles in economics, management  accounting,  financial  accounting,  finance,  health,  and  Judaism,  including  a  textbook  chapter.